I found something neat last night. I googled myself and found a few different articles mentioning me and my first short film from back in 2008. I even have a page about me on the Smithsonian’s website! This one, however, was the biggest one for me. I had no idea this one existed until last night. I’m mentioned in article from a few years back on The Academy’s website. Yeah, THAT Academy. The Oscar’s Academy. I died. I had to sit for a few minutes in silence and think about my life. I didn’t think anyone noticed what I was doing or even cared back then. Guess I was CLEARLY wrong. They talk about a couple accomplishments with the film and say I’m “making my mark on the industry.” I hope no one thinks I’m being braggy about this. I just had to bring it up because here I thought no one gave a shit about my little indie film or what I was trying to do and they did. I’m sitting here 6 years later just finding out. So, I’m taking this chance to remind you all to keep pushing. Keep going. Keep creating because you have no idea how far you can get or who is going to be paying attention, with or without you realizing. “… but you can’t quit now. You have to climb all night. Climb every one of their towers and show them your life.” <33 #inspiration #motivation #filmmaking #oscars #art #music #wtf #ismylife

Wednesday February 19, 2014 (8 months ago)

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